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Originally Posted by Small cog View Post

Is then your question “is it permissible to make a visual approach to a r/w if you see it when the vis is below the instrument approach minima?”

If so, NO. A visual approach to a r/w for which there is an approach in force (ie working) is not permitted when the required approach minima are below that required for the instrument procedure. The 800 metres does not apply in such cases either.

Back in the 1970s/80s it used to happen often when transometers were under shallow layer of fog. Pilots would call “visual” and continue to land. Rules tightened to prevent such occurrences decades ago.
Hi small cog,

No, I am not referring to any visual approach, neither to any bust of approach ban minima. Disregard OLBA.

Achieving the visual reference above the runway at an NPA (behind any MAP point, at circling minima altitude, when coming planned for circling approach) and position/maneuver to land to any runway, is not a visual approach. It’s just the visual maneuver part of the circling approach. It’s an IFR procedure with a visual maneuvering that remains a strictly IFR procedure. Visual approach is a different story with other visual references required which I don’t question at.

The question is:

Are you allowed to execute a circling approach for the straight in runway? More specifically, are you allowed to lose contact with the runway environment (due to aircraft movement-and not due to external weather conditions) when maneuvering for the downwind?

Some say yes, some say no. That’s the discussion.
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