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Originally Posted by gordonfvckingramsay View Post

Coupled with the exponential decline in conditions and viability of aviation as a career along with the slow death of GA in Australia.

CessnaPete, the whole low hour RHS thing is geared to reducing future staff costs and nothing more. Firstly, airlines know that aspiring pilots will do anything to get into a jet immediately, including working for peanuts and being held in bondage for years. They also know that throwing a low time pilot in the right hand seat of a jet means they get cheap FOs and a cheap regular line Captain who will babysit/train them through the “early days” safe in the knowledge that the Captain retains strictly liability. Airlines also know that CASA readily falls for the “show us the accident stats” defence.

Dick, the RHS experience levels are declining and I’m sure the travelling public are not even remotely aware, furthermore the airlines would never dream of revealing it.

You are missing the point. There is no pool of 'experienced' high hours jet rated F\Os to recruit from in UK/Europe, for the reasons posted before.
Your stringently selected/competently trained and route mentored 250 hour pilots will become 1500 hour experienced, multi sector operators, after a couple of years, then everyone can be happy? In my part of the world if they don't reach the standards required they are rejected. You have to start somewhere.
People continue to bang on about inexperienced, presumably ill trained, incompetent F/Os,in their employ, that's the airline training management fault. Worrying, if thats the case.
Statistically for example BEA/BA has had no safety issues after many years of cadet recruitment.
Ryanair (despite their less than glorious customer service reputation!!) operate hundreds of nearly new B737, every day. on thousands of sectors around Europe, some with new hire F/Os. Operating to some operationally demanding, less equipped, regional airports. Their safety record is second to none.
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