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"Dear Mr Muilenberg (or may I call you Dennis?)
My highly-skilled team of experts expects to rapidly complete restructuring of the ailing Jet Airways very soon, so we'd be pleased to help
you restore public confidence in Boeing after your MAX problem...
Yours, J"
I feel this needs some amendments, G-ARZG, to bring it more into line with JU style. Might I suggest:

Deer Mr Mulenberk (or may I call you Denis?)

Mi hily-skild teem of experts (sum of them hav bean on airyplanes and everything!) expex to rapidly compleet restructuring of Jet Airways very soon (we have got a luvvly livry done on MS Paint, and that's all we need), so weed be pleezed to help you fix yr 737s. I am an exput wiv computers, I even had a speek&Spell... but the batries went.
Yours, J"
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