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Originally Posted by neville_nobody View Post

The vast majority of that list needed 3000 hours plus to get a job 30 years ago. Not uncommon to get nickled and dimed over what your experience consisted of too. 'Oh not enough night, not enough IFR, oh you haven't flown in real icing over here etc etc.
They didn’t “need” 3000hrs to get an airline job because only those with 3000hrs have the ability to fly airliners. They needed 3000hrs because there were far more pilots than jobs and that was the easiest way back then to cull numbers of applicants. Now with the exponential growth of the airline sector this isn’t the case.

When we’re talking about 250hr cadets in the right hand seats of turboprops and Jets we aren’t talking about grabbing random graduates fresh out of CPL training out of any old flying school.

Tough selection processes, structured and appropriate training for multicrew ops, regular assessment of standards and structured line training is the name of the game. Europeans have been doing this for decades. And honestly it has been happening in Australia too on a smaller scale for longer than most seem to acknowledge.
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