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I have been told by a reliable source that Hainan was forced by the THB to sell express and cargo. They cannot hold more than one AOC in HK any more. They will have to sell part of HKA as well I have been told. I am not sure what you are on about AdB29. You may be doing the same job as us, but not to the same standard. This of course does not make you less of a human being though. But if you think that just because you do the same job, and have a training department with a 10 year legacy, that you have reached maturity and clarity as an organisation, which plays any significance in improving and innovating your pilots standards you are delusional. Grow up and accept, that though adequate you are not raising your standards. Cathay has and is training to 1st class standards. We are better pilots than you lot because we are cohesive, committed, and have the same operational values and beliefs. You guys are a disjointed bunch of mercenaries, not career seekers. Unfortunately our management do not see the benefit of having career pilots rather than mercenaries.

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