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Interesting that, so far, no definitive answer. It would seem that this oft-quoted term is a product of the Humpty Dumpty vocabulary - "Words mean what I want them to mean"!!! 'Democracy' (and derivatives) will be constantly quoted here, and elsewhere, to support a political, or other, position, heedless of the fact that it is meaningless and it is nothing but claptrap. To declare my interest, I have long wished to exist in a situation where my status, value, position whatever is equal to, no more, no less than the rest of my society. That was always doomed to failure, with too many vested interests influencing daily life. As an example I was 73 years old before I could use my supposed enfranchisement to vote so as to influence a result! This, in a so-called democracy. So, can I ask that those who insist on using the word, to define just they mean by it!
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