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The minute you donate your vote to a representative, he is no longer your representative but the representative of all the donors in your ward. You will only every get his flavour of how important your issues are. Democracy is accepting that the issues could be diluted to the point of irrelevance. If the representative is in "Government", his issues will be further diluted in the great mass of pond life we call the party interests. Even the PM votes in a ward, and mostly with the party pond-life, unless she is "backs to the wall" and on the way out and wishes to nail her colours to the mast.

Alternatively, if one has adequate funds, one can buy influence (and a peerage, or some other undemocratic perk), or simply gain a shoe-in to the grand EU pond-life residential care establishment for redundant representatives.

Not really democracy is it, when your vote is practically worthless or irrelevant.

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