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Originally Posted by Steepclimb View Post
Well kind of weird. But at least he saw the light at the end and was a good personal friend of his once natural enemy. The Reverend Ian Paisley who also saw the light. Who most surely have waited at the gates of hell to welcome him aboard. Because both men had a lot of blood on their hands. But in the Christian sense perhaps they were forgiven.
I don't forgive either . I should mention I'm Irish and a nationalist and I consider McGuinness a traitor and terrorist and Paisley an invader and colonist who should have gone back to Paisley where he came from.
I'm black and white like that.
I was friendly with an IRA man after the troubles. I pointed out to him once that I would have shot him in the head when I was serving without a moments regret He just said 'Not if I got you first'.

But the war is over.

Maybe you should realise it too?

Sorry, well not really, but having been a "legitimate target" along with my family for 22 years, I find it hard to forgive the cowards who skulked in the shadows, planted bombs in bins and murdered innocent people without even the excuse of collateral damage. Just plain murdering scum and instead of that idiot Blair giving them letters of comfort they should have been sent letters of 'we will hunt you down and we will find you and we WILL bring you to justice.'
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