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Would you say that the latest results support Action 2.2 in the newly published Noise Action Plan 2019-2023 (adopted and approved by Michael Gove Feb 2019) ?:

2.2 FQG improvement

We will work with airlines to improve the overall FQG scores, working towards increasing the green scores.

Performance Indicator :Number of green scores
Target : More green score dots than 2018 baseline

AVGEN does get an honourable mention in the Consultation Response section of the Supporting Annexes document :


Theme or Issue :
"We are aware of criticism by aviation
consultants AvGen of how these are reported
and consider that the points they raise about
the discrepancies between actual performance
of certain airlines and their ratings should be
investigated further by Heathrow.
FQG programme criticism by AvGen should
be explained."

Heathrow Response :

"This was discussed and recorded in the minutes at
the Heathrow Community Noise Forum in September
2017. https://www.heathrow.com/file_source/
Sept_2017.pdf Also see the outcomes mentioned in
Annex 13, Action 2.1."
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