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Thank you for the reply's,

I have a consultation regarding options and requirements later next week. I am sure the various options will be covered there. My pressure is actually very good, so SLT is possibly the suggestion. The procedure would be purely proactive as the angle is looking borderline for me on the scan. I have had no vision / pressure issue's with this as yet. The concern is that under low light conditions I may have evaluated IOP at that time, though this is just speculation.

I am also looking for advice as to how long I can expect to have my medical cert both for EASA and FAA suspended, as what I read online is not clear to me. EASA seems to say evaluation is only after a week for SLT and FAA could be 3 months? That seems to be the wrong way round in my experience!

Can anyone clarify how long I need to plan to be off and the process if anyone has been through it or knows the process.

Again, thanks.
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