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In spite of the fact that Westminster should be turned into a Museum-in the UK it would be turned into apartments for rich Russians and Chinese .

Move it to Birmingham close to the epicentre of the country and see how many MPs pack the job in-that's a good point in itself.
get rid of the archaic confrontational system and make them sit in a semi circle or similar , no more Queen opening parliament Black Rods etc., you still need a speaker but they should wear civvies . Never happen because of vested interests and tradition-yes a tradition of democracy that lets a tiny group of right wing nationalists control a critical situation. Asecond referendum isnt democracy but three votes in parliament on the exact same thing is??.

And the other thing to moan about today is that Trump Junior writing in the Borisgraph going on about the death of democracy and hes from America where democracy can be summed up in three characters $ $ $, we are not that, yet. ( Boris of course would become a stayer in a heartbeat if he was promised No 10 as a consequence)

And if you are interested in democracy more than the Daily mail, check out an MSP proposed draft bill prevention MSPs/MPs from having second sources of income especially as they claim being an MP is very demanding on time and energy-they clearly cannot commit to other things can they.

And the Quiiters are now in total panic mode as they see the result of their orchestrated lying, ultra biased media hate campaigns and grasping hold of Russian and other dubious sources of funds cash slipping away . And you don't take Russian money and not deliver the goods not if you want to stay healthy .

Take back control= give it to a corrupt outdated expensive and ineffective non representational organisation whose incompetence and disloyalty has been on global TV for months making us the laughing stock of the world. Not because we are much worse than many countries but because we always shout that we are the best-we are british we dont do things like Johnny Foreigner.
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