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Whatever the final outcome of Brexit, and we surely can't be far from finding out now, one thing has become abundantly clear - the UK party political, and electoral system is totally unfit for purpose and needs radical change to function properly, in the event of another international crisis, whether of our own, or someone else's making.

It is evident that, unlike in many other developed countries, our principal political parties talk across, and rarely to each other. The main parties have more interest in their own internal affairs and battles than they do in serving the public, and they have evolved into this situation because it's little short of a convenient pantomime where either or the other alternates periods of absolute (non-cooperative) power. Minor parties, that could act as moderators to either main party and their more extreme policies are squeezed out by the first past the post electoral system.

Had we had a more consensual system with Brexit, a majority would have coalesced around a moderate workable and achievable Brexit, and we'd have left on 29th March, with the majority (and I don't just mean the 52%) onside. As it is Theresa May dares not say "boo" to either wing of her party in case it causes a split; that's not running the country, it's pandering to the party. I don't pretend that Labour would be any different.

As a start, I'd get shot of the House of Commons and Lords as they exist now, change the Westminster building into a museum, and build a new modern chamber, and a completely new set of procedures, minus the historical, farcical traditions. No Blackrod, no mace, no Mr. Speaker (robes and arcane language) much as I enjoy his comedy one-liners and move our democracy and parliament into the 21st century. Make the Lords an elected Senate, and both houses elected on a more representational basis. Until we do something like that we will remain, languishing in the past.

However, I have less confidence that anything will change than I do of the UK not leaving the EU.
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