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Originally Posted by Snyggapa View Post
Could be like myself and 15% of my company, working solely on Brexit issues. Or my other half, doing the same. IT, legal, compliance, tax, regulations. Consultants everywhere working out WTF is going on and the best course of action.

I have never been so busy doing work that is of so little value. And the kicker, the work we are doing is setting up a French office to move the business and the people to retain the ability to do business in the EU. Jobs will go from the UK, including mine, IT systems need to be rebuilt and re-programmed to handle French tax and French VAT , systems need to be physically move out of the UK to the EU. My other half is lucky, they are not moving to Paris. They are moving to Dublin.

So in our household of two, that's 2 jobs down, plus the childminder, the cleaner, the sandwich shops, the days out. But in the meantime we're so damn busy trying to prepare for the mess that we have to employ extra to keep the company ticking. I work for a small firm of ~30, she works for one of 300. It's a false dawn before the storm
Predictably, the Mail reading blowhards who like to bang on about civil war & a non existent past choose to ignore this, an actual consequence of their dogmatic ideal while an actual leaver who deserves respect acts with an emotional intelligence that can only be described as wholly admirable.

'The Brexit looming before the UK today looks nothing like the Brexit promised in 2016. The goalposts have shifted, negotiations have been arduous and the biting realities of trade have crept up on Britainís lawmakers. In truth, there is now as strong an argument for revoking article 50 as there is for continuing down the path laid out by Theresa Mayís withdrawal agreement. '
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