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Justin Trudeau’s top official quits ‘in disgrace’

Justin Trudeau’s re-election chances suffered a new blow as Canada’s top civil servant said that he was resigning because he had become compromised by a deepening political crisis.

The prime minister’s Liberal Party has fallen behind the Conservatives in opinion polls since a scandal broke last month over his attempts to ward off a corruption trial involving SNC-Lavalin, Canada’s largest engineering company, whose headquarters are in his home city of Montreal.

It is accused of bribing Libyan officials for contracts between 2001 and 2011 but says that all executives involved have departed. It could be banned from bidding for government contracts if found guilty.

Mr Trudeau was reeling from the departure of two cabinet ministers and his closest aide when Michael Wernick, clerk of the privy council and head of the civil service, said he was quitting.

Mr Wernick, 61, said he had lost the trust of opposition parties over his defence of officials accused of pressuring the former justice minister to reach an out-of-court settlement for SNC-Lavalin. Andrew Scheer, the opposition leader, said he resigned “in disgrace”.

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