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Originally Posted by EGPFlyer View Post
Yes, 15 degrees up to maneuvering speed -10 and then linearly increasing to 30 degrees at maneuvering speed -3 in NAV. If your in track or heading the max is 25 degrees
My manuals don't specify NAV mode only. The FD limits the bank angle in an engine out scenario in all lateral modes. Here's what my book says about engine out guidance. Sorry for the formatting.

• The system limits autopilot (AP) and flight director (FD) bank angles during takeoff and approach phases as follows:
• 15 when the aircraft speed is below the maneuvering speed (F, S, or Green Dot speed) – 10 kt
• Then linear increase to 25 up to maneuvering speeds (F, S, or Green Dot speed) – 3 kt
• 25 above maneuvering speeds (F,S, or Green Dot speed) – 3 kt. Note: The engine-out bank angle limits apply, when the FG part of the FMGS has detected an engine-out. It cannot be cleared by the crew through the MCDU E.O CLEAR prompt.

To the OP, I've never heard any mention of any restriction on the kind of guidance used for an engine out procedure. At several airports (particularly hot and high locations) you'd absolutely want managed guidance.

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