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Iíve been in 8 years. I regularly get at least one of the weekend days off a month. Either by landing early on a Saturday and subsequently having the Sunday off, or departing on a Sunday, therefore getting the Saturday off. I honestly donít specifically bit for that, itís just how it seems to work out. Donít forget a lot of guys donít care about working weekends. Everyone has different ideas of what is good or not. Spending a Saturday night in Accra could be for you!

Dont forget we we do have our six golden days per year. These are days on a first come first served basis where you bid for a specific 1-2 days off. Seniority doesnít come into it.

I am LH, and I canít speak for SH, as I left that a few years ago. I donít recall it being too bad though. No ideas under JSS.

At LGW there are other ways of getting out of duties and swapping stuff with those in charge in the office, as long as you were reasonable and flexible.

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