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I wasn't talking about distribution I was talking about a parts store which items range from 1gram washers to 100-200 kg lumps of metal (obviously they stay on pallets on ground level).

And if you are running rack systems where workers are working above head height and your not doing the items I have stipulated then you deserve what you get when someone gets hurt or god forbid killed.

Maybe you should familiarise yourself with this document.

Funny you should mention, Ikea they actually put a hellva lot of engineering into their storage. Its no where near as simple as it looks, a bit like loading a boat. Obviously as your so clueless about engineering you won't see or know what goes into a safe racking system or the safety of the people using it.

I would never wish this sort of incident on anyone.

But with the obvious lack of knowledge or clue by the people who work in "distribution" then it will continue to be an accident waiting to happen.
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