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Originally Posted by tescoapp View Post
And some more good news on the UK economy.
Originally Posted by Parapunter View Post
Excellent. See what is achievable by holding EU membership? Why throw that away?
How on earth can anyone, even the most fanatical remainer, manage to twist the fact that we have the highest number of people in employment since 1971, to make it seem as it was being in the EU was the cause?

Brexit may not even be a factor in the increased number of people in employment, but what this does show is that UK businesses are, relatively speaking, doing pretty well, despite all the gloom and doom relating to the impact of Brexit on the UK economy. If anything, I would have expected the UK economy to have tanked over the past year, as a consequence of the government's ineptitude in being able to remove uncertainty and negotiate a sensible leaving agreement.

With hindsight, I have no doubt that the better course of action for the UK negotiating team, as soon as they realised that reaching any sort of reasonable agreement with the EU was impossible, would have been to just forget about any sort of deal and have spent all the wasted negotiating time on planning for the UK to leave with no deal. I rather suspect that had we taken a hard position on leaving with no deal a year ago, we wouldn't be in the mess we're in now. I'm convinced that May, as a remainer, just couldn't stomach leaving the EU, so has been trying to make the UK's "withdrawal agreement" into a way for the UK to half-remain within the EU, with a deal that would be so disastrous for the UK economy that people would end up screaming to be allowed back in to the EU.

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