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I'm no IT expert, but, I believe a variety of something called search engines are available to assist those searching for information....

On the contrary, regarding your view any sources would be discredited, I, and I'm sure many others, welcome reliable sources and links to what's stopping you other than emulating Wimpey, Barratt et al ?
Obviously and you are also unaware of targeted searches and people paying for the search engine prioritising the output. Also as well the search engines store you previous searches and put similar sites to the top of the list to what you have clicked on before. For me that will be zero search history on the subject.

I, and I'm sure many others, welcome reliable sources and links to them
I don't have any of them to be honest as I have said they are all fiction writers who give opinion, who have so far be completely wide of the mark. Even the bank of England have completely screwed the predictions up. Three years ago it was predicted that the UK economy was going to tank and the Eu was going to continue unabated, QE was going and everything is going to be rosy.

Current situation: We are looking at 3 out of 5 of the top Eu countries going into recession this summer (and 1 leaving) and they have just had to extend bank bonds. And the UK is doing rather nicely to be honest given the global conditions. A situation which was completely unpredicted by either side.

You just have to go collect the data yourself and form your own opinion. I use the EU statistic site a fair bit and raw trade data.

Try it, look at the intra EU number of flights and who is flying where and when. Then have a look at the end country's GDP reliance on that traffic.

Then have a look at the EU 28 trade figures with Canada for 2017 or 2018. Then subtract off the UK from them.

I won't tell you what your going to see. And make your own mind up what realistically is going to happen.

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