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But it's not about the economy Sally, it's about the non existent EU army, the non existent loss of sovereignty & the non existent unelected bureaucrats running our country.

I have no pity for leavers, none at all. They've willingly swallowed a one way narrative for decades, making them the epitome of easy marks, ripe for the picking. The clearest demonstration of this hive mind is the crescendo of wailing that the Parliament they so desperately & high mindedly wanted to have re-exert it's authority has created among them now it's doing exactly that.

They talk about the will of the people as if it's some kind of prehistoric insect entombed in amber for all eternity, never once stopping to consider that parliament takes its legitimacy from elections held by the public but in this parliament, a different kind of sovereignty has established itself. One where a rank incompetent has cast herself as the sole custodian of that will yet what that actually meant has changed from week to week, sometimes from day to day. No transition, then transition. No deal is better than a bad deal, then it isn't. No extension, then extension. They can't see how the classic authoritarian morphs the will of the people into her & only her will.

Incredibly, given the political precipice she stands on, she abused parliament at every turn. She tried to deny it a vote on triggering article 50, stuffed the withdrawal bill full of statutory instruments, giving ministers huge powers, attempted to block amendments to no deal proposals, and for fear of losing opposition day motions, pretended they weren't happening, refusing to take part.

She refused to publish Government advice on the backstop & when parliament demanded it, tried to ignore the house, leading to the first government being found in contempt in history, a major humiliation & unbelievably, something that didn't cause her resignation. She allowed the house to waste five days debating her withdrawal act then pulled it when she feared losing it & presented it again & then again until the speaker intervened.

This is what taking back control actually looks like. Leavers have the sheer gall to complain about EU democracy, to call remainers - who I would remind you are half the electorate - your friends, neighbours, families, colleagues - when they can't see the stink of what's right in front of them. I could weep for the state of politics in this country, how this absolute buffoon like travesty has reduced a great nation to a laughing stock & the cretins who enabled it.
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