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Originally Posted by ECHUQ View Post
Can someone help with few questions plssss

1- are the layovers mainly 24h ones?
2- can we decide between allowance or company accommodation if we single?
3- what are the options of company accommodation if we are not married no family Boeing FO?
4- curfew in all accommodation options?
5-how easy is to go out with girls in doha or on layovers?

1 - Yes, most are between 22 and 27h. You have a few around 16-18h and some with 36-48-72h. Depends on the fleet/destination.
2 - Initially you will be allocated into company accomodation. Once you're in Doha you go to the Housing Department and request to receive the allowance, but there's a big queue for that at the moment with almost 400 people waiting. Don't expect it to happen in less than 2 years.
3 - You can expect most likely Ain Khalid Gate Compound, but some people are sent to Barwa, Al Kaabi or Holiday Villa as well. You can expect a flat with 2 or 3 bedrooms if single and no kids.
4 - There is no curfew for pilots. Only for cabin crew (4am).
5 - I know some people who are quite happy with their life as single guys in Doha. You just need to know where to go and you'll have fun and find some girls. On layovers it's less common to find cabin crew willing to hang out, but it does happen too.

The form doesnt mention PETS, has anyone relocated to Doha with their Family Pet? Is their a Pet Allowance included in our move? Perhaps if allocated Staff Accommodation, this is where I need to also mention extension of Fur Family....?

Anyone been through this procedure of bringing Family Pets with? I would appreciate your info.

Thank you.
No pet allowance provided by Qatar Airways. You have to do and pay things by yourself. In order to bring your pet you'll need an import permit from the Animal Resources Department.
There are some veterinary clinics in Doha that provide import services. You can contact them to help with the paperwork.
British Veterinary Center Doha - Veterinarian in Doha, Qatar

Any informations when will they continue to receive new aircrafts from Airbus (320NEO,350)? I heard a rumor about end of this year,but not sure if it is true or not...
A321neos are supposed to start coming this year. I believe there are also another 2 A350-900 from LATAM to come and more A350-1000s are also expected.
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