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Originally Posted by tescoapp View Post
There was the same utter crap from remain sources. Which I might add was just as un-effective as the leave crap.

I don't read most of the bollocks links posted in this thread, you can predict the tone of it just by the person that has posted it. Then the reply's to the opposition's posts are the standard "that's not a reliable source" etc etc.

Its the same with flat earther vids and chemtrailer video and links. I don't touch them either. By clicking on the link you just give them advertising revenue and encourage the idiots.
Well in that case, re your first paragraph , please feel free to show a montage of headlines from remain orientated media .....with similar histrionic wording.

The second paragraph is equally interesting however....albeit a Freudian and tacit admission as to something which has long been evident in your replies....if you don't mind me saying so, not that I'm overly concerned if you do......but it's nice to see you've embraced introspection...... as underlined above.

Finally, we all know the earth is has to be because if it was round, nobody could stand up on it now could they.....and chemtrails are very, very, real.....cos I seen lots of them everyday flying over my hovel.....and some are bigger than others ! ..never believe wot the Gov't tells you !
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