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Originally Posted by EGPFlyer View Post
Yes, 15 degrees up to maneuvering speed -10 and then linearly increasing to 30 degrees at maneuvering speed -3 in NAV. If your in track or heading the max is 25 degrees
The autoflight bank limitations apply to all FD roll-modes in Airbus FBW not only NAV.
With FD off there is no decreased bank-limit for OEI; it is an autoflight limitation only.

With regards to manual eosid construction and use of NAV mode:
-Remember that the EOSID is a non-published operator contingency procedure, hence there is no RNP specified for this type of procedure.
-There are no limitations however be cautious with manually constructed segments (PBDís etc), the validation of the tracks and distances in the briefing stage is very important here as there has been no prior database validation. Be ready to take-over in selected modes, having raw-data back-up with radnav tuning is a good idea.
-donít rush down heads down to activate the secondary fpl, much better to fly a close turn in selected modes to then eventually rely on the secondary once safely away from the ground.
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