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And for the lols:

Originally Posted by jindabyne View Post
. And we are able to discuss the issues without rancor.
Whichever way things emerge I hope, and believe, that our relationship with our European allies will continue to be more friendly and tolerant than the pervasive atmosphere on this thread.

Originally Posted by Gipsy Queen View Post
.. Sadly, as you rightly observe, she has been very ably assisted by her coterie of quisling, fifth-rate politicians et les conneries of the Remain camp

...playboy Cameron with her as a wholly incompetent Prime Minister

,...Only the feeble-minded would feel any sympathy with Theresa May.

...She and the cowardly Remain contingent

... their myopic concept of a failing European order

. ... odious dwarf running the Commons
Charmed I'm sure.
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