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Originally Posted by ECHUQ View Post
Can someone help with few questions plssss

1- are the layovers mainly 24h ones?
2- can we decide between allowance or company accommodation if we single?
3- what are the options of company accommodation if we are not married no family Boeing FO?
4- curfew in all accommodation options?
5-how easy is to go out with girls in doha or on layovers?

1 yes more or less
2 probably not initially...either assigned company accommodation or not and changing process has been source of some contention....
3. There are quite a few different locations...some much better than others and the word option is used lightly, see above
4there is no curfew for pilots....cabin crew all of whom live in company accommodation do have 4 am curfew
5..like any other country more or less.........biggest thing I see different between Etihad and Qatar is crew do less together, Qatar has nice friendly crew but so many rules they donít trust each other....little things like smoking can lead to termination so it is rarity for them to hang out together on overnights.....to be fair I canít remember last time I saw a crew of 20 Deltoids having dinner together either.
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