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Originally Posted by Hussar 54 View Post
You really, sincerely believe that the UK had any clout within the EU ??

The UK's position in the EU was firmly emphasised amd confirmed when Cameron was sent to the naughty step by the Commission for trying to get the changes he claimed he would be able to get to avoid having to offer a referendum when they knew full well that their refusal would virtually guarantee a referendum and a majority Leave vote.

The UK should have been an important part of the EU - unfortunately it was only the UK's contributions and, latterly, its ability to soak up millions of unemployed Poles, Portuguese, Italians, etc that were ever important to the EU.
Nonsense the UK was part of the big three in the EU and often the brake of some of the nuttier notions of the EU.

Why on Earth do you think the Poles and the rest of the people you mention were drawn to the UK? Jobs, opportunity, English speaking. A land of opportunity. A tolerant society where people who are prepared to work hard can succeed. Do you honestly believe all those immigrants are living on the dole?

It seems you think that being perceived as a country where hard work is rewarded is a bad thing.

You are a victim of the Euroskeptic false news perpetrated by the likes of of Johnson and Farage.

You are also a victim of thinking that that the EU is some form of massive plot or conspiracy to somehow get at the British. Really? You seem intelligent so does that even make sense? The evil EU out to get the British.

Get real please.

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