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Originally Posted by poteroo View Post
I can't agree that instructor availability need be a problem. Plenty of G1s about who are under-employed or semi-retired. Pay us what we're really worth, (well above award!), as experienced Grade 1's with all the training approvals, and there would be dozens who'd re-locate to Toowoomba or Bendigo. But that probably is beyond the horizon of the bean counters on the QF flying school project.
happy days,
A market solution to a market shortage.
Precisely why they will not do it.

Recognising the shortage (albeit late) Little Napoleon and the herds of IR/HR are desperate to prove that there is no shortage.
The airline recruiting template was predicated on unlimited supply of qualified applicants, this paradigm existed for the last decades.
This 'school' is all about securing further unlimited supply of pilots.
The sweet irony is that the very thing they are fighting against (increasing terms and conditions, to induce more supply) demonstrates that the shortage is real!
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