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Hi everyone. Managed to work my way through the last two years of this thread and got a lot of answers but if someone could help me out with just a couple of questions I would be very grateful. I have focused on LH questions as this is all I would be prepared to accept even if that meant not joining at all. Please don't view this as arrogant but as I am sort of happy where I am, it is a case of only taking what would work for me.

  • Do the newer pay scales still make it a financially viable move to join BA in your mid 20s with the view to remain on a LH fleet?
  • What would a 10-15 year LH FO be expecting to make?
Commuter Specific:
  • Do people literally set up shop in London for 21 days of reserve?
  • Any hope of getting home between trips while on reserve if on LH?
  • Given the apparent crack down, are commuters still finding they can commute and still maintain a sustainable lifestyle?
  • Is there a minimum number of days off between trips?
  • In terms of practicality, can staff travel be used for commuting?
New rostering system:
  • Is it still possible to swap duties to get some sort of favourable roster?
  • As a commuter would you stand any chance of binning your standbys for a flying duty to save a possible wasted trip?

General Lifestyle on LH fleet:
  • Any junior guys who are happy? Commuters in particular?
  • Are trips a sense length?
  • Do BA have a sensible approach to 3 and 4 person crews on long sectors to at least mitigate some fatigue?
  • Is the cockpit gradient reflective of the relatively high experience levels of FO's whether that be those just joining the company or those who have been in the company 15-20 years? Will be given a decent amount of responsibility for your sector and do people find that enough to make up for a long time to command?
Moral: (A difficult one, I know)
  • Is the general level of moral as low as it seems on here? Do BALPA run a survey or anything that would provide some numbers on how the workforce is feeling?
  • Is the staff travel still as good as it was? Could I plan a holiday months in advance and still get some benefit (Cheaper or premium cabin)?
  • Good package for Loss Of License and Income Protection?

If anyone could take a stab at answering any or all of these, it would be absolutely invaluable so thank you in advance.
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