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This brings me onto point 2).- “Sanity” Displays.
Each aircraft has 1-3 INS systems. They look at 6 DOF (six degrees of freedom, P,Y,R, and Surge Heave and Sway as Noah would say) and they are fully capable of measurements to high orders of angular and rate accuracy. They know exactly what the “vectorial” behaviour of the airframe is at any instant. The strapped down INS actually contains low-drift North-seeking Ring [email protected] gyroscopes, and 6 very sensitive accelerometers, probably all Honeywell types same as used in TLAAMs. The basic function of it can act as a really high-accuracy vertical reference unit. (remember those?). It can output the true measured “3D” motions of the a/c its - accelerations, pitch angles, rates and an earth-centred attitude reference. Remember - half the battle of flying is defying gravity. So as an engineer, my question is - why rely wholly on attitude sensors that Noah used to trim his boat in a gale? They are subject to bugs (insects), cleaners, de-icers, icing, birdstrikes, electronic failures, corrosion, static from lightning, poor calibration etc etc. The real method of display of an aircraft’s true attitude should, in my opinion, be derived from the “VRU” aspects of the INS and combined/checked against any external physical sensors. A failure warning “disagree” page should be available on the glass display, warning the pilot (by red/green overlaid lines etc) that what’s being “dealt with” is NOT the true attitude of the a/c in motion or its approach to/from instability. Just a thought. I’ve banned my whole family and staff from ever flying on the MAXes for the foreseeable future and I extend my heartfelt sympathies to those affected by this, IMHO, totally avoidable “modern” tragedy.
The 'external sensors' do not measure ATTITUDE - they Measure Angle of Attack i.e (Relative) AIRFLOW
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