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Thank you Ridges.

The MAX would not meet the applicable requirement in "Part 25" for control force/command per AoA ( several reputable references). The controls got "lighter" at high AoA whether banking or not. Whether the plane would have kept increasing AoA all by itself without moving the yoke, we'd have to ask one of the cert test pilots or evaluators.

Personal opinion is 1) new type cert with basic aerodynamic characteristics meeting the requirement without kludge add-on crapola like STS and MCAS 2) If FAA buys off on the kludge MCAS, then at least smooth the thing out and have some warning that it is acting and not STS. Good grief, 10 seconds of down trim and moving the stab over 2 degrees? Sheesh. Sure, if I was a "trim-aholic" I could beep nose up after one second of uncommanded nose down trim and keep doing it every 5 seconds. I could also ascribe the uncommanded trim to the STS, just as the previous crew in Indonesia accident sequence did. That crew may not have realized they even had MCAS installed, and simply turned off the electric trim motor, used the wheel and flew on. Oh yeah, no clear AoA failure indication and the single point failure and ......

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