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Published about 04:00 UCT 13/03/2019 i.e. after EU has banned aircraft.

Horrific Sub-Tabloid quality article in the Financial Times.

[It does say at the top "Opinion Boeing Co" - maybe it is an actual paid advert and not based on factual reporting and honest opinion - if so it is not at all clear.]

Reads like an advert for Boeing but confuses fly by wire and autopilot and computerised flight assistance systems and says in essence "nothing to see here - pay your money, have a stiff drink and get on that 737 Max 8 it won't kill you".

It incorrectly implies that 737 Max 8 is a fly by wire aircraft and is therefore safer than a traditional aircraft.

"Do not fear flying on the Boeing 737 Max
it takes a brave or calmly logical person to climb on board. But that is how passengers should treat the Boeing 737 Max 8.
But Boeing and US regulators are right ...
The main contributor to this advance is technology, especially fly-by-wire software that responds to the pilots’ touch on the controls by adjusting the thrust, flaps and other surfaces to produce the desired outcome.
The 737 Max 8 crashes will turn out to have been avoidable if the fly-by-wire software contributed to losses of control."
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