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Originally Posted by Gipsy Queen View Post
Well, contrary to Parapunter's usual pronouncements borne of a self-bestowed authority, this precisely is what the outcome of the 2016 referendum mandated.
Fundamentally, a little tantrum. The inevitable circular firing squad is out on manoeuvre already. Contrary to being sanguine, I have a very large amount of skin in the game, depending as I do, upon a raft of customers who to the last one, import raw materials or finished goods from Europe. I suspect, as I have always done, a number of voices in here are, to quote the estimable Danny Dyer, trotters up, filling those long, blank days of retirement with right wing thought experiments.

Well I have news for you. The parliamentary sovereignty you craved so much has been exercised & it found your Brexit wanting. Twice.

There is now no way Brexit with a deal can happen by the end of the month. Your realistic options now are remain, extend or no deal.
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