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Originally Posted by rogerg View Post
Mine is not quite the same. Lets just leave and then get back to real life. Just as valid.
Well, contrary to Parapunter's usual pronouncements borne of a self-bestowed authority, this precisely is what the outcome of the 2016 referendum mandated.

After this evening's vote, it could be possible that the Maybot's continual seeking to validate Einstein's definition of stupidity might be halted but I'm not in the least sanguine about what comes next. I suspect it will still be kicking the can down the road but, no doubt, we shall be persuaded that this is a new and positive step forward because the can is now being kicked in a different direction.

If nothing else, this whole shabby exercise puts the lie to the notion that a country deserves the government it gets. No nation could merit this delinquent and absolutely clueless non-leadership.
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