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Originally Posted by Blues&twos View Post
Yes, the number rises if you include adult vaccinations, but the claim made was

And why ridiculous? How many vaccinations is the right number?
You may be content to have your kids filled up with dodgy s-it but I suspect others would not. The lack of oversight of the pharma industry combined with the huge amounts of money given to politicians and doctors, combined with the silencing of dissent ought to make any sensible person raise their eyebrows.

Born in the uk, I grew up in Africa and became a pilot travelling mainly in Europe but sometimes long haul, living in the Far East for a while too. I would guess I have had a dozen vaccinations in my life, I’m 58.

Whats causing the alarming rise in things like asthma, adhd, autism etc? They haven’t a scoobie, yet they are talking about introducing mandatory vaccinations in the uk. The body deals with diseases naturally in the majority of cases, kids that eat dirt and play outside get natural Immunization, creating protection against future threats. The media has us scared of every possible thing, from cancer to tumours to strokes. Mass vaccination for every possibility is not necessary. It’s a scam, a dangerous one!

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