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Originally Posted by back to Boeing View Post
Whatever way you try to twist and turn it pro deathers have blood on their hands.

Even if any vaccine causes autism, which it doesn’t, ask any parent that has lost a child to a vaccine preventable disease “would you rather have a dead child or a child with autism”.

Thats as as simple as it gets.
I don’t really know how it feels like to lose a child or to have an autistic child. I see what the latter has meant to my friends that have an autistic child, it has been really tough.

I’m not really arguing about the benefit of vaccines to fight the big threats, but I see the way things are in the US and I see little opposition to it in the UK. We will go down a similar path without real understanding of complex things imo.

Having no reigns on the pharmaceutical companies would scare me, and it will affect my daughter if she decides to have kids. I’m really not in favour of doing away with vaccines at all, but my intuition is that they’re out of control. At least in the US, so I think we will follow suit. Having multiple vaccines just goes against my instinct, it’s unnatural. I have read that in the States kids are expected to have between fifty and seventy odd vaccinations growing up. No questions allowed. Fcuk that!
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