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Originally Posted by Parapunter View Post
One can only conclude she's setting up the blame game for domestic consumption. Bizarre strategy all the same. Hard to imagine the EU softening by being shouted at from afar, hard to imagine remainers swallowing it since they blame her for this mess, hard to imagine leavers swallowing it since they blame Her & the EU for this mess. Three years on nearly & she ends this as she started it, making no headway at home or abroad, deploying rank misjudgment, wrapped in cant, having learnt nothing.
Pretty fair assessment of her strategy. I'm afraid that although engaged remainers will see through it straight away, leavers may be more forgiving of her position, and your average Joe who just what the whole thing over with will be a deal more gullible - if you buy the Mail, Express, Telegraph or Sun you've pretty much bought into the mindset that all foreigners are out to get us and in this case the EU are out to punish us. Neither of which is in any way a fair assessment of the facts.

Given that she's going to come back to the Commons on Tuesday wearing little more than a political fig leaf, and her plan will again be voted down I feel that we are going to wind up, either this month, or in June with a very stark choice which the MPs will have to make. Either leave with no deal, or remain - they will have to decide, or abdicate their responsibilities to the public in another referendum. The time for sitting on the fence and can kicking is up.

If I were them I'd try for a new referendum on her deal or remain and I've absolutely no idea how that vote would go. I certainly wouldn't put any money on remain.
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