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And another thing....

Jason - if you are reading this, you need to know something about PPRuNe. This is not a ‘group of pilots’ although a lot of pilots do contribute.

Also here are ground handlers, air traffic controllers, cabin crew, cargo experts, airline commercial managers, fuel staff, safety experts, systems experts, engineers, leasing company people, folks who work for the manufacturers, airport employees, even people who work for the regulators, and from many other airline and aviation areas. From all levels of the business from new hires to forty year veterans. Retirees. From the four corners of the planet. People who, day to day, go out there and actually make this industry tick. Plus a whole host of folks who don’t work in the industry but have a very deep interest in it and who do sometimes know more than the employees.

As a group of people, some of us know others from real life. But it’s not that difficult to call out someone who is absolutely on the wrong track. We’ve seen, both on here and in our working lives, lots of plans for start ups, many of us have been involved in start ups. And we can spot the flyers and the liars and the not-a-hope-in-hell ones. We know which camp you are not in.

People have tried to offer you advice over the last four years, which you have either ignored or belittled. We’ve seen the inconsistencies in your story, the stuff that doesn’t add up and a whole load of stuff that sets alarm bells ringing. And some of that has been highlighted in this thread.

My advice to you is simple. If you want to run an airline, stop this nonsense now. Go and get a job in the industry and stick at it, providing for your family, until you have learned a hell of a lot more about how this industry works than you currently do. Get into a position that has senior management responsibility.

Then try again. With a proper business plan based on fact and experience not fantasy and misplaced hope.

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