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[QUOTE=Hyperdark;10410154][QUOTE=Krystal n chips;10410096]Politicians are fond of cutting ribbons to declare venues, roads, eve railways are "now open "......sadly, cutting ribbons is unlikely to feature in Treezas diary....

Re: the cartoon linked
I realise that the paper and it's readers regard these cartoons as political satire, am I alone in feeling they are invariably far too childish and simplistic to deserve that description?[/QUOTE]

Nope, you will delighted to learn here on JB you are far from alone.....lots of the chums will be only too happy to add their moral support to your suggestion in fact, or indeed any form of adverse comment about the Grudian

There again, satire isn't generally understood by the same collective anyway......

Seems to depict Treeza perfectly actually...

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