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I wouldnít put too much faith in anything I read in a Kenyan newspaper (or those from most countries, as reporting standards are very low these days). According to that report in the Daily Nation, Lobolo Camp is on Central Island, whilst in fact itís on the southwest shore of Lake Turkana. Also, Kenyan police report 5 fatalities, the Kenyan pilot and 4 Americans (whose names have all been reported in numerous journals).
What I have heard is that the 2 aircraft were shut down on Central Island as the passengers wanted to watch the sunset over the lake from there. However, around sunset the weather had deteriorated with strong winds (for which the area is well known) and they waited for a couple of hours to see if the weather would improve as they didnít want to spend the night on the island (maybe they were brightened by the thought of the large number of Nile crocodiles in the Island lakes?)
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