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A USN E2 dropped into Lossie for fuel late one Friday afternoon for fuel en route to the Farnborough air show. Unfortunately the VASS power set seemed not to be compatible with the E2 systems. Every time they tried to start the engines all the power tripped off. With rapidly approaching airfield closures at Lossie and Farnborough the Aircraft Commander and I were trying to get Oceanic to talk to their C130and get it diverted in, , trying to keep the airfield open, talking to Farnborough etc when the VASS sergeant came in and announced all was well, the engines were running and would the AC like to get aboard. Once they were on their way I asked the VASS guy how he had done it, “Easy” he says,” their crew chief in the cockpit, and me in the power compartment holding the CBs in”

I’m not sure that was actually “policy” though!
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