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Hello Jason - welcome.

The evidence which has been presented so far is all factual. The reasons behind why the evidence has become manifest may be legitimate and genuine "growing pains" resulting from a legitimate start-up. As such, the best thing you can do is de-bunk the evidence with fact; there are many who would like to hear this. Therefore rather than threatening, could you tell us the reasons behind the following events for starters -

1. AerCap and European Aviation. You expressly stated that you had completed lease deals with them - neither party had any knowledge of these deals.

2. Great Hallingbury Manor (Stansted). You openly stated that you were offering a Pilot/staff recruitment day there (even giving dates). They however had no knowledge of such a booking.

3. CAE Oxford. You openly stated that you had booked a series of Simulator assessment days at their facility (once again, giving dates). They too had no knowledge of such a booking.

There are others, but the fact that you explicitly gave detailed information on these events which on the face of it seems to be completely false information would lead reasonable people to doubt your legitimacy. Do you have any comment as to what went wrong on each of the above? We are all ears.
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