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Military policy on cycling CB's

Seems to be a bit of a no-no on the civilian side but what about in the military. An F-14 story I read recently was quite interesting. Of is during combat ops.

"Another mission that stood out was one I flew with LT Larry "Lobes" Sidbury. Lobes was our Training Officer, a phenomenal pilot and warfighter, later he became CO of VFA-31. Anyway, on deck we had an error with the AWG-15 Stores Management System, meaning if it couldn't be fixed we couldn't drop bombs. Lobes said we'd launch and try to figure it out airborne. Airborne I ran all the bits, pulled the circuit breakers and yet the error held firm. I asked Lobes if we should notify the ship and let them launch the spare. He said "hell no, keep pulling the breakers, you have two hours to get it working!" The Tomcat had over 100 circuit breakers in the back that the RIO could access and it was common practice to cycle them to get the offending system back on-line. Well I kept cycling the breakers and low and behold after about an hour we were back in business"

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