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If you wish an airline career at some point you will have to be a First Officer .... Seniority is the key with an airline career .
I flew Twin Otters loved it.... should I have remained? maybe, but having retired as a wide body CA my retirement is pretty good. I look in that rear view mirror and would change nothing ...
Flew for an airline, laid off, went back to the Twin Otter for a couple of years Great time ... Probably will happen in your career Every company I flew for went tits up or restructured except the British Government job
Other friends retired as Dash 7 Captains and I believe just as content as I in retirement
Try the airline flying if itís not for you go back to the turbo prop Just remember airline flying one moves up the pole via seniority. The sooner you get the seniority number the sooner you get the left seat of an airliner
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