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Originally Posted by MANworker View Post
There will be no facilities in the new pier, the plan is for pax to remain in the main terminal until the aircraft is almost ready for boarding. There are also limited amount of toilets in the pier, and the arrivals level has even fewer toilets. Looks good inside, some issues are arising with the trials ongoing, and are trying to be resolved but Iím not convinced anything can be done at this point. Itíll be an interesting first few days to see what happens, canít wait for the first complaint about it being too far or too big
There are two toilet blocks on each level. Do we know how many stalls/urinals are provide in each? The arrivals one can be smaller as people are not going to be waiting around. The nice thing is that there are water fountains on the pier. Something that doesn't exist that close to gates today.

Can you share what some of the "issues" are?
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