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25 days to go. And then, whatever Brexit we have at that stage, the negotiations will start. And they will go on. And on.
excerpt below from interview between Der Speigel and Sir Ivan Rogers Ivan Rogers on Brexit: "What Surprises Me Is the Extent of the Mess" - SPIEGEL ONLINE

DER SPIEGEL: How long will it take to sort out the future relationship?

Rogers: Much longer than many people think. The planned trade deal is not "the easiest in human history," as Liam Fox has claimed. It's not easy to solve for one simple reason: This is the first trade deal in history where partners are seeking to get further apart. All trade deals I've ever worked on were about getting closer together and dismantling barriers to trade. We are now deliberately re-erecting barriers, seeking a thinner relationship than the one we have. We like the free trade with Europe, but not the European institutions. Well, that's not on offer. That's why the next step of the negotiations will be conflictual again. The Europeans will say: There must be a reason why you wanted to leave and diverge from our model, please tell us what degree of divergency you want and why. You only need to say it that way to realize that this will not take months, but years.
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