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Originally Posted by anxiao View Post
And you have first world labor laws with first world management practices. Sometimes tough to work under but always with a fair legal status.

CX have nickle and dimed the modest labor laws of HK and then broken them when they did not suit their objective. A deputy DFO admitted to me that they expected to lose half the court cases on HR issues. My reply that running an airline that is 50% illegal did not go down well.

A judge in Hong Kong noted that the airline seemed to be in front of him for HR infringements more than any other company, and chastised management for that. But they still carry on with the same arrogance of impunity.

Unless you have 5 years to go in CX, I would go to the high tax regime in Canada. You will sleep better o'r nights.
Some excellent advice being given here but I recently had a beer with a young Canadian FO and I asked him why he was remaining in CX when he had an offer from AC ? The pay is better was his answer. Over a few more beers he described how he had just returned fro 8 months sick leave afer a botched hip operation here in Hong Kong and his young daughter had been diagnosed with asthma and would be on medicines for the forseeable future. His wife was receiving conselling for depression and had spent most of the last 12 months with her parents in YYZ. We discussed our relative house prices in Hong Kong and his had dropped 15% this year placing him close to zero equity IF the CX housing scheme continued. He faces financial ruin if it is altered in anyway or heaven forbid cancelled in the next 10 years. At the end of the evening I asked him again why CX and not Ac. His answer " the pay is better at CX".
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