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Now that is quite a scary document to read. Can you imagine that being written even a short time ago, say within the last 10 years? Has no-one raised any objections to thinking like this or is it a case of anyone objecting is seen as being awkward and obstructive and getting in the way of the future? I can't comment on Area procedures and issues but I'm at a loss as to imagine this in a Tower scenario, the only way I can see this happening is if every single airfield was to operate to exactly the same standards. From stand separations to emergency call out procedures, LVPs, clearance delivery and everything else that goes with daily ADI Ops. Can you imagine an ATCO dealing with LVPs in one airfield and applying the rules from another, there's plenty of scope for other differences having a catastrophic outcome. No doubt some statistician somewhere has come up with a very low probability to satisfy any APSA process. I'm all for the use of technology and using it to help with a variety of problems but this is a different level altogether.
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