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It is possible, logic and plausible. It should be further developed before operational application but it is future,for sure.

The only backseat is social questions -read it Term and Conditions. We are facing competition that are capable. Today is too much "borders" and papers that blocks full implementation "free movement of working people" (in ATC domain)-such as language, citizenship ( EU/non EU) ,local procedures, military sensitive data. etc.. This is just a way for our main goal - " we protect our best working position for our people". It is still top job for many countries in Europe. (unmatched salary, rostering-working hours, other benefits and social security at the top of all.)

And could you imagine that we transfer those working positions to some third country provider that will pay ATCOs 2$ or so daily?

Without some major disruption in world relationships it will not be approved and applied.