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Yesterday morning at 7:20AM on R4 Today prog Willy Walsh was being interviewed about IAG/BA interviewer asked “ has BA been similarly affected by the issues suffered by other airlines Flybe etc, he answered something like “not at all were doing great … these are excuses and are not true, Flybe has been badly run for some time and anything that comes out of the board shouldn’t be taken seriously”
To be more exact, at about 1:18 into the programme (audio here), WW was asked about flybe pointing to Brexit as one of the reasons for its failure, and he said:
"I think flybe was making up a number of excuses for what has been a poor performance over a number of years, so quite honestly I would dismiss what flybe has said, because it's not really relevant to the industry at large. There are issues that Brexit means we need to address, but these are issues that the industry at large and certainly IAG can address without too much concern."
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