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Originally Posted by 2Donkeys View Post
I disagree. Common purpose would dramatically alter the nature of Wingly, to name but one example. No more offers of flights to passenger-chosen destinations as such offers would fall foul of the rule.

That isnt a justification for introducing that test, but it does demonstrate that it would make a difference.

... and no more helping the fellow pilot from next stand in your hangar if his aircraft has to stay unplanned at the shop and we now simply fly there and get him back home ... do you really want that? We are a rather large group of pilots at my place and it is a real airmen environment. We help each other and I want that to stay. So, if one is bringing his plane to the shop and needs a lift back home, I want to be able to do that, even if I have no bloody 'common purpose'. I am pretty sure we find enough examples were this would be BS and my life experience - you never ever get this covered by 'regulations'. Oh, and I do prefer to live in a reality, not some theoretical bubble of digital dictators.
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